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Play Therapy @ Medical Therapy Unit (Monash Health)

Play Therapy has arrived to the Medical Therapy Unit - Monash Medical Centre every Friday.

This service has been funded by the outstanding event held last year from our friends - Mates on a Mission.

Play is an integral part of a child's life. From birth play helps children to learn, to relate to others and to have fun. Play can enhance a child's development physically, emotionally, intellectually and linguistically. When children or adolescents are admitted to hospital they are at their most vulnerable. They are separated from their friends, family and familiar surroundings which may lead to increased stress.

Play therapy can really make a difference. It allows children to express their concerns whilst in hospital. Play Therapy facilitates an understanding of the  hospital experience and educate patients in adapting coping strategies to assist them with this.

Welcome to Play Therapy at the Medical Therapy Unit

Often you see Play Therapists encouraging children who are old enough to use breathing/blowing as method for assisting with injections. When children are able to blow something (a pin-wheel, a party blower, a balloon, bubbles) at the point of needle insertion it assists with a muscle relaxation response for easier needle access and also is a powerful distraction tool.

Play Therapy in hospital can:

Enhance the children's understanding of their treatment and condition

Help children regain confidence and self esteem

Provide a safe outlet for feelings of frustration and anger

Serve as a diversion to keep child's mind off pain and medical procedures

Introduction of the Play Therapist: 

·      Jodi: Commenced training in child development with a Diploma in Children's Services and then followed on with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Development and  Education She  is currently studying part time doing a Diploma in Allied Health services. Jodi has worked as a kindergarten teacher in both 3 and 4 year old groups over the past  4 years.  She enjoys floristry (has a qualification in this too), photography, camping and loves animals.  She is passionate about her work with children and is keen  to work with and assist children in a health setting.

Paula Matthews-Rogers: Head of Educational Play Therapy & Creative Arts Therapy.

While studying a Bachelor of Arts Degree, I worked part time as Kindergarten Assistant. I developed an interest in working with children and then completed a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.  I worked as a kindergarten teacher for a number of years teaching both 3 and 4 year old groups. I then worked part time kindergarten teaching and part time lecturing in Early Childhood Development.

Following this I worked for a number of years in a Multi -Cultural Early Childhood centre, which I think was one of my most enjoyable  and rewarding roles and at the same time did part time contract work in Early Childhood in-service training.

I have had some wonderful opportunities and so then worked on a research team for indigenous education in Early Childhood.  I also taught kindergarten part time, as being in the 'company of children' has always been my favourite thing.

I then did a psychology degree part time and worked as a kindergarten teacher again. I have worked in both inner city and rural kindergartens and just loved each experience. 

In 2008 I commenced employment at Monash Children's Hospital as Head of Educational Play Therapy & Creative Arts Therapy.  This has been another amazing opportunity for me and I continue to enjoy my work with children in a different role.

Appointment Announcement

Thalassaemia Australia is pleased to announce that we have appointed 2 new staff members, 

Jim Demetriou our Community Educator, Jim has 20 years of teaching experience from science to music.

He will be presenting at a school near you or community awareness event.

Helen Kosmarikas our new Office and Project Manager, with 17 years of banking and a passion in helping our patients, parents and carers.

Thank you for your patience during our transition period please make our staff welcomed

Spiro Bombos

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